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A Plain Answer to an Important Enquiry

NOTICE the connection, or you will miss the meaning of the words; for at first sight it looks as if our Saviour taught us that it is the work of God for us to believe on him. Now, that would be quite true; and it is very plainly taught in other parts of Scripture that faith is the work of God; but that is not the teaching in this particular...

John 6:29

The Marvellous Magnet

JESUS is the spokesman here. He tells of his own death by crucifixion, and of the result which will follow. It appears, then, that our Lord’s power to draw all men to himself lies mainly in his death. By being lifted up from the earth upon the cross he was made to die, and so also was he made to draw all men unto himself. There is an attractive power...

John 12:32-33

High Doctrine and Broad Doctrine

THESE two sentences have been looked upon as representing two sides of Christian doctrine. They enable us to see it from two stand-points — the Godward and the manward. The first sentence contains what some call high doctrine. If by “high” they mean “glorious towards God,” I fully agree with them; for it is a grand, God-honouring truth which our Lord Jesus declares in these words, — “All that the...

John 6:37

Prospect—"He Will Keep"

WHAT a wonderful intercommunion and fellowship exists between the Father and the Son in the matter of redemption! It is the Father who gave the Son: it is the Son who gave himself It is the Father who gave us to the Son: it is the Son who has bought us with a price, and has kept us by his hand. Here, in the text, the Father who gave receives...

John 17:11-12

The Sheep and Their Shepherd

Jan 15      Christians are here compared to sheep. Not a very flattering comparison you may say; but then we do not wish to be flattered, nor would our Lord deem it good to flatter us, While far from flattering, it is, however, eminently consoling, for of all creatures there are not any more compassed about with infirmity than sheep. In this frailty of their nature they are a fit emblem...

John 10:27

The Father's Will

Oct 20 SUCH our impertinent curiosity that we would fain peer between the folded leaves of the divine purposes. The eager thirst of man to discover secrets, to solve mysteries, to draw aside the folded curtains, and to ascertain that which is past finding out, tempts him full often to the wildest conjecture and the most adventurous speculation. To get a sight of the future how many would rush to any part...

John 6:39, 40

The Best Bread

John 4:48

A Cheering Incident at Bethabra

Oct 10 BECAUSE our Saviour’s reasoning was unanswerable, “therefore the Jews sought again to take him.” When men are convinced against their wills, when the heart struggles against the head, it usually happens that they turn persecutors. If they cannot answer holy arguments with fair reasonings, they can give hard answers with stones. If you cannot destroy the reasoning, you may, perhaps, destroy the reasoner; and this naturally suggests itself to the...

John 10:39-42.

Love’s law and Life

Sep 30 THIS is a chapter singularly full of certainties, and remarkably studded with ifs. Concerning most of the great things in it there never can be an “if”; and yet “if” comes up, I think, no less than seven times in the chapter; and “if,” too, not about trifles, but about the most solemn subjects. It is, perhaps, worthy of mention that with each of these “ifs” there is something connected,...

John 14:15

Mysterious Meat

May 23 THE disciples had gone away into the city to buy meat, and for this they cannot be censured. It was necessary that food should be provided, and it naturally fell to their lot to perform that duty. Do not say that they were carnal or unspiritual because of this, for the most spiritual people must eat to live. When they came back from making their purchases, they found their Master...

John 4:31-38