Resources from John

"Jesus Wept"

John 11:35

Intimate Knowledge of the Holy Spirit

Mar 10 THE part of the text on which we shall meditate is this:— “The Spirit of truth; ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.” Observe that the Holy Spirit is here called the Spirit of truth. There is much meaning in this expression. He is the teacher of truth, unalloyed truth, practical, divinely effective truth. He never teaches anything but the truth. If it comes...

John 14:17

Breakfast with Jesus

Feb 24 THE Lord Jesus is thoughtful of bodily wants. In his earlier days he fed multitudes of people, on two grand occasions, with bread and fish. And now that he has died and risen from the dead, and is in the body of his glory, he still thinks of the hungering bodies of men, and calls to the fishermen, “Children, have ye any meat?” Finding that they have nothing, he makes...

John 21:12

"On His Breast"

Nov 18 PICTURE the Lord and his apostles at the holy Supper. A world of interest centres here. Two figures strangely different met in this scene— met, shortly afterwards to part, and never to meet again. To look upon them, they seemed equally disciples of Jesus, and from the position which one of them occupied, as leaning on the Lord’s bosom, and the other as the treasurer of the Master’s little store,...

John 13:23-26

Nathanael; or, the Ready Believer and His Reward

Apr 29 NATHANAEL was by nature a man free from cunning and deceit. He was a specimen of that “honest and good ground” of which our Saviour speaks in the parable, upon which, when the seed fell, a hundredfold harvest was produced. We have some such men about us, thank God, in this country: regular John Blunts, as we say, clear as crystal, true as the sun in the heavens. Many men...

John 1:50

The Spirit and the Wind

Feb 2 OUR Saviour’s words are infinite. Some men use a great deal of language to convey a very little meaning; but our Saviour compacts boundless instruction into short sentences. If all the preachers in Christendom were to preach from this one verse for the next twelve months, they would still leave much of its teaching undeveloped.      These words remind us of the Holy Spirit. Is it not to be feared...

John 3:8

The Secret of Power in Prayer

Jan 8 THE gifts of grace are not enjoyed all at once by believers. Coining unto Christ, we are saved by a true union with him; but it is by abiding in that union that we further receive the purity, the joy, the power, the blessedness, which are stored up in him for his people. See how our Lord states this when he speaks to the believing Jews in the eighth chapter...

John 15:7

Behold the Lamb of God

Oct 16 JOHN the Baptist’s one business was to bear witness to Christ. He was the morning star which heralds the rising sun. When the sun appeared he had no more reason for shining. You cannot account for John except by Jesus: the one reason for John’s existence is Jesus. I wish it might be so with us; may we be able to say, “For me to live is Christ.” May our...

John 1:29

Love at Its Utmost

Sep 11 IN the love of Christ we find our best joy. The pastures of the Great Shepherd are wide, but the sweetest grasses grow close to his pierced feet. The love of Jesus is the centre of salvation; it is as the sun in the midst of the heavens of grace. I trust that while I lead your meditations this morning towards this golden theme you will be able to enter...

John 15:9

The Blind Beggar of the Temple, and His Wonderful Cure

Aug 14 OUR Saviour had been dealing with the Jews and the Pharisees, who had bitterly opposed, and even taken up stones to cast at him. He felt much more at home when he could fix his eyes upon poor necessitous beings, and bless them with healing and salvation. It is the lot of some of us to be often in controversy with the carnal professors of the present day, and it...

John 9:5-7