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Retreat Impossible

Oct 29 IN Jephthah’s case there were good reasons for going back. He had made a rash vow, and such things are much better broken than kept. If a man makes a vow to commit a crime his vow to do so is in itself a sin, and the carrying out of his vow will be doubly sinful. If a man’s vowing to do a thing made it necessary and right for...

Judges 11:35

Manoah's Wife and her Excellent Argument

Oct 29 THE first remark arising out of the story of Manoah and his wife is this — that oftentimes we pray for blessings which will make us tremble when we receive them. Manoah had asked that he might see the angel, and he saw him: in answer to his request the wonderful One condescended to reveal himself a second time, but the consequence was that the good man was filled with...

Judges 13:22-23

The Dream of Barley Cake

Judges 7:13-14

Hands Full of Honey

Jan 28 IT was a singular circumstance that a man unarmed should have slain a lion in the prime of its vigour; and yet more strange that a swarm of bees should have taken possession of the dried carcase, and have filled it with their honey. In that country, what with beasts, birds, and insects, and the dry heat, a dead body is soon cleansed from all corruption, and the bones are...

Judges 14:8-9

Chariots of Iron

Sep 28 WE frequently use Canaan as a type of heaven, and the Jordan, through which Israel passed, as a symbol of death. Dr. Watts has taught us to sing,— “Sweet fields beyond the- swelling flood Stand dress’d in living green; So to the Jews old Canaan stood, While Jordan roll’d between. “Could we but climb where Moses stood, And view the landscape o’er, Not Jordan’s...

Judges 1:19-20

One War Over and Another Begun

Sep 17 THESE Midianites were wandering Bedouins from Arabia, and from the east country round about the Holy Land. Like those who represent them in the present day, they were masters of the art of plundering, and knew no bowels of compassion. They generally lived a hard life themselves, and when they had an opportunity to feast on the spoils of others, they rioted without stint, and left a famine behind them....

Judges 6:22-24

Bochim; or, The Weepers

Aug 10 LET me give an outline of the chapter, that we may put the text into its proper setting. God had brought his people out of Egypt, and divided Jordan that they might march through dry-shod into the land which he had promised to their fathers. He charged them to drive out the Canaanites, a race that had become so loathsome in God’s sight that he decreed their destruction, and appointed...

Judges 2:4-5

Songs of Deliverance

Jul 28 DEBORAH sang concerning the overthrow of Israel’s enemies, and the deliverance vouchsafed to the tribes: we have a far richer theme for music; we have been delivered from worse enemies, and saved by a greater salvation. Let our gratitude be deeper; let our song be more jubilant. Glory be unto God, we can say that our sins, which were like mighty hosts, have been swept away, not by that ancient...

Judges 5:11

Cheer for the Faint-Hearted

Jan 26      FAITH is not only the door by which we enter into the way of salvation, as it is written, “He hath opened the door of faith unto the gentiles;” but it likewise describes the entire path of Christian pilgrimage, “that we also walk in the steps of that faith.” We are not only quickened by faith at the outset of our spiritual career, but we are supported and...

Judges 8:23


Oct 14      Many of the saints of God are as mournful as if they were captives in Babylon, for their life is spent in tears and sighing. They will not chant the joyous psalm of praise, and if there be any that require of them a song, they reply, "How can we sing the Lord's song in a strange land?" But, my brethren, we are not captives in Babylon; we do...

Judges 5:12