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WHAT a biography of a man! How short, and yet how complete! We have seen biographies so prolix, that full one half is nonsense, and much of the other half too vapid to be worth reading. We have seen large volumes spun out of men’s letters. Writing desks have been broken open, and private diaries exposed to the world. Now-a-days, if a man is a little celebrated, his signature, the...

Luke 2:25

The Soul's Crisis

SUCH was the news of that day. As an exclamation, doubtless it was often repeated when our Lord made his journeys through the land of Palestine and its outskirts — “Jesus of Nazareth passeth by!” How quickly would the inhabitants of their cities and their villages be astir when the rumour reached them! What a curiosity there would be to see him, knowing that his fame was noised abroad everywhere!...

Luke 18:37

This Year Also

AT the opening of another year, and at the commencement of another volume of sermons, we earnestly desire to utter the word of exhortation: but alas, at this present, the preacher is a prisoner, and must speak from his pillow instead of his pulpit. Let not the few words which we can put together come with diminished power from a sick man, for the musket fired by a wounded soldier...

Luke 8:8

Satan's Punctuality, Power, and Purpose

IT is a great comfort that such multitudes are willing to hear the word of God. Even though many should turn out to be as the rock, the wayside, or the thorny ground, still it is a cheering circumstance that the seed can be sown broadcast over so large an acreage. Yet the thoughts excited by the sight of a vast congregation are not all pleasurable; the question most naturally...

Luke 8:12

A Distinction with a Difference

ZACHARIAS and the Virgin Mary were both very dear to God, and therefore highly honoured and greatly favoured. The points of likeness between them are many. They were both persons of eminent character, for Zacharias walked in all the ordinances and commandments of the Lord blameless, and Mary was equally gracious and devout. They were both visited by an angel, and were both favoured with the prediction of a marvellous...

Luke 1:18, 34

The Centurion: Or, an Exhortation to the Virtuous

THIS centurion certainly had a high reputation. Two features of character blend in him which do not often meet in such graceful harmony. He won the high opinion of others and yet he held a low estimation of himself. There are some who think little of themselves; and they are quite correct in their feelings, as all the world would endorse the estimate of their littleness. Others there are who...

Luke 7:4-9

Consider Before You Fight

EVERY sensible man endeavours to adapt his purposes to his strength. He does not begin to build a house which he will not be able to finish, nor commence a war which he cannot hope to fight through. The religion of Christ is the most reasonable one in the world, and Jesus Christ never desires to have any disciples who shall blindly follow him without counting the cost. We always...

Luke 14:31-32

Simeon's Swan Song

IF we are believers in Christ, we shall one day use words like these. Perhaps not just at present; and yet, possibly, sooner than some of us think, we shall gather up our feet in our bed, and we shall say with all composure, “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word.”

Luke 2:29-30

A Harp of Ten Strings

Aug 30 IT is very clear that Mary was not beginning a new thing; for she speaks in the present tense, and in a tense which seems to have been for a long time present: “My soul doth magnify the Lord.” Ever since she had received the wonderful tidings of the choice which God had made of her for her high position, she had begun to magnify the Lord; and when once...

Luke 1:46, 47

A Gracious Dismissal

Jan 11 THE main part of my subject will be— that gracious dismissal, “Go in peace.” To her who had been so lately blest, the word “Go” sounded mournfully; for she would fain have remained through life with her pardoning Lord; but the added words “in peace” turned the wormwood into honey— there was now peace for her who had been so long hunted and harried by her sins. Rising from the...

Luke 7:50