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The Gospel's Power in a Christian's Life

THE word “conversation” does not merely mean our talk and converse one with another, but the whole course of our life and behaviour in the world. The Greek word signifies the actions and the privileges of citizenship, and we are to let our whole citizenship, our actions as citizens of the new Jerusalem, be such as becometh the gospel of Christ. Observe, dear friends, the difference between the exhortations of...

Philippians 1:27

Prayer Perfumed with Praise

According to the text, we are both by prayer and supplication to make known our requests unto God. If any distinction be intended here, I suppose that by prayer is meant the general act of devotion and the mention of our usual needs; and by supplication I think would be intended our distinct entreaties and special petitions. We are to offer the general prayer common to all the saints, and...

Philippians 4:6

The Pastor’s Joy and Confidence

Jul 13 THE Epistle to the Philippians is the epistle of joy. Bengel sums it up in two Latin words, which, being interpreted, signify, “I rejoice, rejoice ye.” Here we come to that sweet fruit of the Spirit which we call “Joy.”      The statement Paul makes about the Philippian church shows to what a high estate a church can come. Beloved, we of the Tabernacle never wish to be like the church...

Philippians 1:3-7

Our Lord in the Valley of Humiliation

Jun 5 PAUL wishes to unite the saints in Philippi, in the holy bands of love. To do this, he takes them to the cross. Beloved, there is a cure for every spiritual disease in the cross. There is food for every spiritual virtue in the Saviour. We never go to him too often. He is never a dry well, or a vine from which every cluster has been taken. We do...

Philippians 2:8

Paul Apprehended and Apprehending

May 30 OBSERVE the apostle’s condition when he wrote these words. I do not think that either you or I will be found to be in a better one. If any are, or think they are, I would suggest a question. I, for my part, would be satisfied to be just as Paul was.

Philippians 3:12

The Power of His Resurrection

Apr 21 PAUL, in the verses before the text, had deliberately laid aside his own personal righteousness. “But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, and be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law.” It is insinuated in these days...

Philippians 3:10

Prayer, the Cure for Care

Jan 12 WE have the faculty of forethought; but, like all our faculties, it has been perverted, and it is often abused. It is good for a man to have a holy care, and to pay due attention to every item of his life; but, alas! it is very easy to make it into an unholy care, and to try to wrest from the hand of God that office of providence which...

Philippians 4:6, 7

The Watchword for To-day: "Stand Fast"

Apr 17 EVERY doctrine of the Word of God has its practical bearing. As each tree beareth seed after its kind, so doth every truth of God bring forth practical virtues. Hence you find the apostle Paul very full of therefores— his therefores being the conclusions drawn from certain statements of divine truth. I marvel that our excellent translators should have divided the argument from the conclusion by making a new chapter...

Philippians 3:20-4:1

Joy, a Duty

Mar 20 THERE is a marvellous medicinal power in joy. Most medicines are distasteful; but this, which is the best of all medicines, is sweet to the taste, and comforting to the heart. We noticed, in our reading, that there had been a little tiff between two sisters in the church at Philippi,— I am glad that we do not know what the quarrel was about; I am usually thankful for ignorance...

Philippians 4:4

The Enemies of the Cross of Christ

Oct 26 IT would seem, dear friends, that there have been trials and difficulties connected with the Church of Christ in every age. We dream that our temptations are worse than those of our fathers, but they are not. We fancy that the Church is subject to worse diseases than in her early days, but it is not so. Paul had to complain that, even in the church at Philippi, which was...

Philippians 3:18-19