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The Tender Grapes

Aug 8 THE vine is of all trees the most useless unless it bears fruit. You cannot make hardly anything of it; you would scarcely be able to cut enough wood out of a vine to hang a pot upon; you cannot turn it into furniture, and barely could you use it in the least degree for building purposes. It must either bear fruit, or else it must be consumed in the...

Song of Solomon 2:13

Spices, Flower, Lilies, and Myrrh

Aug 5 IN this chapter the spouse describes in detail the person of her Beloved. She is not satisfied with saying, “He is altogether lovely;” but she delights to talk of the charms of each part of his sacred person, and to picture the beauties of his divine form and features, so that thereby she may, perhaps, win some other heart first to admire and then to love him.

Song of Solomon 5:13

The Lily Among Thorns

Feb 29 WE shall not enter into any profitless discussion this morning. We take it for granted that the Song of Solomon is a sacred marriage song between Christ and his church, and that it is the Lord Jesus who is here speaking of his church, and indeed of each individual member, saying, “As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.” I will not even enter into any...

Song of Solomon 2:2

Love’s Vigilance Rewarded

Oct 7 WHEN I look upon this great assembly of people, I think to myself, — there will be many here to whom these chapters that we have read out of Solomon’s Song will seem very strange. Of course they will; for they are meant for the inner circle of believers in the Lord. Jesus Christ. This sacred Canticle is almost the central Book of the Bible; it seems to stand like...

Song of Solomon 3:4

Overcoming Christ

Oct 8 THIS is the language of the Heavenly Bridegroom to his spouse. In great condescension, he speaks to her, and bids her take note that her eyes have overcome him. This morning, our subject was, overcoming evil with good. We have a very different subject this evening; for we are to talk about overcoming him who is goodness itself, the perfection of everything that is excellent. Saints first learn the art...

Song of Solomon 6:5

A Song Among the Lillies

Aug 30 LAST Sabbath, in our morning’s sermon, we began at the beginning and described the turning point in which the sinner sets his face towards his God, and for the first time gives practical evidence of spiritual life in his soul. He bestirs himself, he goes to his Father’s house, and speedily is pressed to his Father’s bosom, forgiven, accepted, and rejoiced over. This morning we are going far beyond that...

Song of Solomon 2:16

The Chariots of Ammi-Nadib

Jan 1 WE cannot be quite sure at this date what these chariots of Ammi-nadib were to which the inspired poet here refers. Some suppose that he may have alluded to a person of that name, who was renowned, like Jehu of old, for his furious driving. Hence it might have been familiar at the time, and afterwards have become proverbial to speak in metaphor of the chariots of Ammi-nadib. The conjecture...

Song of Solomon 6:12

Unpurchasable Love

Jun 6 THAT is a general truth, applying to all forms of real love; you cannot purchase love. If it is true love, it will not run on rails of gold. Many a marriage would have been a very happy one if there had been a tithe as much love as there was wealth; and, sometimes, love will come in at the cottage door, and make the home bright and blest, when...

Song of Solomon 8:7

Better Than Wine

Jun 2 THE Scriptural emblem of wine, which is intended to be the symbol of the richest earthly joy, has become desecrated in process of time by the sin of man. I suppose, in the earlier ages when the Word of God was written, it would hardly have been conceivable that there could have existed on the face of the earth such a mass of drunken men and women as now pollute...

Song of Solomon 1:2

The Real Presence, The Great Want of the Church

Feb 11      Is it necessary to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is no longer corporeally present in his church? It ought not to be needful to assert so evident a truth; and yet it is important to do so, since there are some who teach that in what they are pleased to call "the Holy Sacrament," Christ is actually present in his flesh and blood. Such persons unwittingly deny...

Song of Solomon 3:4-5