All or None; or, Compromises Refused: A Sermon with Five Texts

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Scripture: Exodus 8:25-28 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 31

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On Whose Side are You?

Apr 4 DURING the last few days in which the stir of a general election has moved the most quiet of our streets, everyone of you must have been asked many times on which side you are. Some are enthusiastic on this side, and some are quite as warm on the other, and the interest of all ranks and classes is aroused. Now that the Lord’s-day has come I hope you will...

Exodus 32:26

Marah; or, The Bitter Waters Sweetened

Apr 23      What a sudden change from the sound of the timbrel to the voice of murmuring! You saw the maidens dancing three days ago, and you little dreamed that they would make part of yonder clamorous throng who surround the servant of God, and cry, "What shall we drink?" Such are the changes of our outward conditions and of our inward feelings, so fickle and so mutable is man....

Exodus 15:23-25