Coming Judgement of the Secrets of Man

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Jul 12, 1885 Scripture: John 3:16 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 31

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Oct 4 OUR Saviour, in this chapter, administered a rebuke to two sorts of people. He reproved those who hear the gospel, but who are not brought to humiliation and repentance; he rebuked them by the example of the Ninevites, who, having but one short and terrible warning from the prophet Jonah, clothed themselves in sackcloth, turned unto God in penitence, and so preserved their city. He then rebukes another class—those who...

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Jul 5 FOR the last few months I have been led to blow the silver trumpet, sounding forth the love and mercy of our God in Christ. Many times in your hearing I have preached a full Christ for empty sinners, and have set forth the freeness and graciousness of the divine proclamation which in the gospel is made to the chief of sinners. I have not, concerning that point, shunned to...

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