God’s Own Gospel Call

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Jun 30, 1889 Scripture: Isaiah 55:3 Sermon No. 2,092 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 35

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Abram’s Call; or, Half-way and All the Way

Feb 26 AFTER the flood, when men began to multiply and increase in the earth, it was not very long before they began to turn aside from the living and true God. At first the sons of Noah walked in the light of divine knowledge, though even among them was found an evil seed. When scattered over the earth after the confusion of tongues at Babel, the earth’s hoar fathers carried with...

Genesis 11:31 & 12:5

Man's Weakness, and God's Annointing

Sep 9      You will remember that David was secretly anointed king over Israel by Samuel, but he waited many a weary year before the crown actually rested upon his head. For a long time he was an exile from the very country of which he was afterwards to be the sovereign. He was hunted about by the remorseless cruelty of Saul till he became like a partridge upon the mountains,...

2 Samuel 3:39