Moses' Decision

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Jul 28, 1872 Scripture: Hebrews 11:24, 25, 26 Sermon No. 1063 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 18

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God is With Us

Jul 17 THE truth here asserted is indisputable. Even heathens have taken this for their motto, and emblazoned it upon their standards of war. “God is for us!” has been the war-cry of many a warrior as he has dashed to the fight; however out of place it was in such association its force was clearly perceived. Our text, however, protects itself from ill-usage, for you observe that the text is guarded...

Romans 8:31

Am I Sought Out?

Aug 23 THE first meaning of our text is very clear. Here is a prophecy, that as Jerusalem, having been despoiled of her beauty by her enemies, was for a long time forsaken and worthy to be called, “A city which no man seeketh after,” so, in a brighter day, her glory shall return, she shall be an attraction to all lands, and the joy of the whole earth; multitudes of willing...

Isaiah 62:12