Our Own Dear Shepherd

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Jan 3, 1886 Scripture: John 10:14-15 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 32

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The Sheep and Their Shepherd

Jan 15      Christians are here compared to sheep. Not a very flattering comparison you may say; but then we do not wish to be flattered, nor would our Lord deem it good to flatter us, While far from flattering, it is, however, eminently consoling, for of all creatures there are not any more compassed about with infirmity than sheep. In this frailty of their nature they are a fit emblem...

John 10:27

The Lambs and Their Shepherd

Nov 15      The people of God are most fitly compared to sheep. The excellencies of their moral and spiritual character furnish one side of the picture, for like sheep they are gentle in their lives, and are well accepted, whether living or dying, as a sacrifice unto God; their frailties and weaknesses complete the likeness, for they are prone to wander—full of wants, powerless in self-defense, and ill able to...

Isaiah 40:11