Peace: How Gained, How Broken

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Oct 27, 1889 Scripture: Psalm 85:8 Sermon No. 2,112 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 35

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Jan 22 THIS forms part of a devotional passage. It is not merely a statement that great peace comes to those who love the law of God, but it is uttered as part of a hymn of praise unto the Lord. We cannot praise God better than by stating facts concerning him and his Word. If you desire to praise God, you must speak of him as he is. If you would...

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Mar 31 THIS most delightful passage occurs at the close of the last of our Saviour’s sermons before he went unto the Father. Let us treasure it as we lay up a man’s last words. Wonderfully full that sermon is: it is of a piece with his last prayer, and that rises above all other pleadings of men. This farewell discourse may occupy but a short space in Scripture, but the thoughts...

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