The Moral of a Miracle

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Scripture: Romans 8:11 Sermon No 1445 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 24

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Why Some Seekers Are Not Saved

May 8 THERE are some people who are not saved, though we should have expected that they would have been converted long ago. Our text explains the reason, so, without any preface, let us come to it at once.

Isaiah 59:1-2

Number 2,400; or, Escape for thy life!

Feb 27 THE Lord himself said to Lot, “Escape for thy life,” although the command was sent by one of his chosen messengers. God has messengers nowadays; and he still sends by them short, sharp, urgent, stimulating messages like this, “Escape for thy life.” This message was sent in love. God loved Lot, and therefore he would save him from the impending doom of Sodom. I doubt not that this message of...

Genesis 19:17