The Planter of the Ear Must Hear

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Oct 31, 1889 Scripture: Psalm 94:9 Sermon No. 2,118 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 35

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Aug 19 WHEN that which comes of his sowing is unfruitful, the sower’s work is wasted: he has spent his strength for nought. Without fruit the sower’s work would even seem to be insane; for he takes good wheat, throws it away, and loses it in the ground. Preaching is the idlest of occupations if the word be not adapted to enter the heart, and produce good results. O my hearers, if...

Matthew 13:7 & 22

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Mar 6 BRETHREN, you know the story of God’s dealing with Israel, and Israel’s dealing with God. The Lord chose their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; he made them a race separated unto himself, he brought them out of Egypt from under the iron yoke; he led them through the Red Sea; he fed them for forty years in the wilderness; he led them about and tutored them, even as a man...

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