The Voice Behind Thee

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Jul 23, 1882 Scripture: Isaiah 30:21 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 28

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Beauty for Ashes

Jan 29      When soldiers are on the march, or advancing to the battle, military men think it wise to let the trumpet sound, that the warriors may be stimulated by the thrilling music. Many a weary soldier has tramped on with new vigor when the band has struck up a lively march, or a soul-moving tune. In the midst of our present Christian service, my brethren, when I trust all...

Isaiah 61:3

Others to be Gathered

Oct 6 GOD’S work now is that of gathering. There was a time when it was scattering. Man built the tower of Babel, which was intended to be the centre of unity, the armoury of power, and the seat of dominion, whence some mighty Nimrod might sway his sceptre over all the human race: but the Lord would not have it so. Infinite wisdom baffled finite ambition. Man’s centre is not God’s...

Isaiah 56:8