The Waterpots at Cana

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Scripture: John 2:7 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 26

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"She Was Not Hid."

Apr 15 LAST Sabbath morning we spoke upon the woman who was healed of her issue of blood. After having spent all her living upon physicians, and being disappointed in them all, she touched the Saviour’s garment and was healed immediately. She came behind him, for she did not wish to be seen. She said not a word: she had not the courage to ask for the blessing in an open manner....

Luke 8:47

The Problem of the Age

Feb 7 I HAVE been for a while lying outside the crowd, unable either to feed the multitude or to bring the sick to the Master. Here and there one I have helped, as opportunity has occurred; but I have been called to rest rather than to serve. Yet all the while I have never ceased from constant thought about the perishing multitudes: this great city and its sad estate, this country,...

Mark 8:4