Three Drops of Honey from the Rock of Christ

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Apr 1, 1888 Scripture: Matthew 27:50-53 Sermon No. 2,059 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 34

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The Prince of Life

Apr 6 PETER does not conceal the death of Christ: he is not ashamed of the fact that his Lord was crucified. God forbid that any of us should be ashamed of the cross: may we speak of it without a blush! Peter does not flatter his hearers; but he declares that they “killed the Prince of life.” This was literally true, and it was needful that they should know and feel...

Acts 3:15

The Evidence of Our Lord’s Wounds

Dec 2 AMONG US at this day we have many persons who are like Thomas— dubious, demanding signs and tokens, suspicious, and ofttimes sad. I am not sure that there is not a slight touch of Thomas in most of us. There are times and seasons when the strong man fails, and when the firm believer has to pause a while, and say, “Is it so?” It may be that our meditation...

John 20:27