Truth Stranger than Fiction

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon May 30, 1886 Scripture: Joel 2:25 Sermon No. 2,081 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 35

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Jul 31 AHIJAH the prophet was blind. Did I not tell you this morning that God's servants could be happy without the light of the sun? If God should be pleased to deprive their natural eyes of the pleasures of light their souls would not be without joy, for as in the New Jerusalem, so in the renewed heart, “the glory of God doth lighten it, and the Lamb is the light...

1 Kings 14:6

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Jul 3 THE provisions of the gospel of Christ may well be compared to a supper, provided, as they were, in the evening of the world—“in these last days.” The description, “a great supper,” is well borne out if we consider the greatness of the provision; how much of love and mercy God has displayed towards the sons of men in the person of Christ Jesus; how much of power and of...

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