Resources by Angels

Fallen Angels a Lesson to Fallen Men

“THESE are ancient things.” Most men hunger after the latest news; let us on this occasion go back upon the earliest records, and think of the hoar past, before man was made. It does us good to look back upon the past of God’s dealings with his creatures; herein lies the value of history. We should not confine our attention to God’s dealings with men, but we should observe how...

2 Peter 2:4

The Charge of the Angel

Jul 8 THE second persecution of the church, in which all the apostles were put into the common prison, was mainly brought about by the sect of the Sadducees. These, as you know, were the Broad School, the liberals, the advanced thinkers, the modern-thought people of the day. If you want a bitter sneer, a biting sarcasm, or a cruel action, I commend you to these large-minded gentlemen. They are liberal to...

Acts 5:19-20

Manhanaim, or Hosts of Angels

Jun 20 LET US go even unto Mahanaim and see these great sights. First, let us go with Jacob and see the two camps of angels, and then with David to observe his troops of friends.      Jacob shall have our first consideration.      What a varied experience is that of God’s people! Their pilgrimage is over a shifting sand; their tent is ever moving, and the scene around them ever changing....

Genesis 32:1