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Our Lord's Triumphant Ascension

Apr 27 THE hill of Zion had been taken out of the hand of the Jebusites. They had held it long after the rest of the country had been subdued; but David at last had taken it from them. This was the mountain ordained of Jehovah of old to be the place of the Temple. David, therefore, with songs and shouts of rejoicing, brought up the ark from the abode of Obed-edom...

Psalm 68:18

Our Ascended Lord

Nov 7 LAST Lord’s-day morning we considered the humiliation of our divine Lord, and I think, if one may speak for the rest, that we consciously and deeply felt how very near he came to us in his suffering condition, and how very near he still is to us as truly man. On that happy occasion we had fellowship with him of the truest kind. The sympathy of his soul toward us...

1 Peter 3:22