Resources by Blessings

Manoah's Wife and her Excellent Argument

Oct 29 THE first remark arising out of the story of Manoah and his wife is this — that oftentimes we pray for blessings which will make us tremble when we receive them. Manoah had asked that he might see the angel, and he saw him: in answer to his request the wonderful One condescended to reveal himself a second time, but the consequence was that the good man was filled with...

Judges 13:22-23

No Difference

May 12 You see our Lord Jesus Christ’s philosophy of nature. He believed in the immediate presence and working of God. As the great Son of God he had a very sensitive perception of the presence of his Father in all the scenes around him, and hence he calls the sun God’s sun— “He maketh his sun to rise.” He does not speak of the daybreak as a thing which happens of...

Matthew 6:45

The Jewel of Peace

Mar 18 WHEN the heart is full of love it finds the hand too feeble for its desires. Hence it seeks relief in intercession and benediction; wishing, praying and blessing where it cannot actually effect its loving purpose. The apostle would have done for the Thessalonians all the good that was conceivable had it been in his power, but his wishes far outstripped his abilities, and therefore he betook himself to interceding...

2 Thessalonians 3:16