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The Meat and Drink of the New Nature

WE know that the Saviour spoke of spiritual, not of carnal things, and he spoke of himself not as being in any sense meat for our bodies— that could not be— but as being food for our souls. This statement is very plain to us, but those who heard it at the first found it very hard to understand. Nor need we wonder, for men of the schools who play...

John 6:55

The Blood of Sprinkling

Hebrews 12:24-25

The Blood of Sprinkling

Feb 28 We are joyfully reminded by the apostle that we are not come to Mount Sinai and its overwhelming manifestations. After Israel had kept the feast of the Passover, God was pleased to give his people a sort of Pentecost, and more fully to manifest himself and his law to them at Sinai. They were in the wilderness, with the solemn peaks of a desolate mountain as their center; and from...

Hebrews 12:24-25

The Blood of the Testament

Nov 14 THE apostle declares that whenever God has entered into covenant with man it has not been without the shedding of blood. To a covenant a sacrifice, and to a testament a death, was evidently necessary. It was so when the arrangements of Israelitish worship were first published and established in the wilderness. Paul says, “Neither the first testament was dedicated without blood.” He, probably, had in his mind’s eye the...

Hebrews 9:20

The Sacred Love-Token

Aug 22 You remember that last Sabbath morning we spoke upon the witness within the child of God. We tried to show that believers did not need any man to assure them that they are forgiven, that they could get on exceedingly well without absolution from a priest, and could know their salvation altogether apart from the ghostly father, seeing that they have the evidence of it in their own souls by...

Exodus 12:13

Nearness to God

Jan 17 THE text is a gate of pearl leading up to the excellent glory. Happy are the men to whom it is given to enter thereby. It turns upon hinges of diamond. Those two phrases, “in Christ Jesus,” “by the blood of Christ”— these are the two pivots of the precious doctrine of the text. “Made nigh,” this is our delightful privilege, but “in Christ Jesus,” is one source of the...

Ephesians 2:13

The Blood of Abel and the Blood of Jesus

Sep 2 THE first shedding of human blood was a very terrible experiment. Whether Cain’s murderous blow was premeditated or not, the sight of a bleeding human corpse must have been a terrible novelty to him. He had not been hardened by reading details of warfare, or listening to tales of murder; killing and slaying were new terrors to mankind, and he who was the ringleader in such violence must have been...

Genesis 4:10/Hebrews 12

Walking in the Light and Washed in the Blood

Dec 3 THERE are two great powers in conflict in this world. One is the power of good, of which God is the King, and the other is the power of evil, which is represented by the Prince of the power of the air, even Satan. The first principle is set forth by John under the figure of light. God himself is essential light, and everything which is good in the world...

1 John 1:7

"The Precious Blood of Christ"

Mar 26 IT is frequently my fear lest I should full into the habit of preaching about the gospel than directly preaching the gospel, and hence I labour to return to the first principle, of our faith, and often take a text upon which it would not be possible to say anything new, but which will compel me to recapitulate in your hearing those things which are vital, essential, and fundamental to...

1 Peter 1:19