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The Yoke Removed and the Lord Revealed

BUT do not all men know that God is the Lord? They should know it, for he is clearly to be seen in the works of nature: even where no revelation has come, yet heaven and earth and sea, and the rain which brings with it fruitful seasons, filling men’s hearts with food and gladness, all proclaim the Most High. But man by wisdom knows not God. He shuts his...

Ezekiel 34:27

The Best Burden for Young Shoulders

YOKE-BEARING is not pleasant, but it is good. It is not every pleasant thing that is good, nor every good thing that is pleasant. Sometimes the goodness may be just in proportion to the unpleasantness. Now, it is childish to be always craving for sweets; those who by reason of use have had their senses exercised, should prefer the wholesome to the palatable. It ought to reconcile us to that...

Lamentations 3:27

The Two Yokes

Jan 14      All through the book of Jeremiah you will observe that the prophet taught the people not only by words, but by symbols. At one time he took his mantle and hid it in the earth till it was soiled and worn, and then taught them something by wearing it. At another time he took an earthen pot and broke it in their presence. And on this occasion he...

Jeremiah 28:13