Resources by Christ's Return

An Awful Premonition

Aug 15 I MUST confess that I have frequently read this verse with but a vague sense of its profound impressiveness, and I have passed it over rapidly because I did not understand it clearly. Though well acquainted with the usual interpretations, none of them had ever satisfied my mind. It seemed to me as if the text had awakened surprise without suggesting a simple obvious meaning, and therefore, the good commentators...

Matthew 16:28

Christ our life - Soon to Appear

Feb 26 MY discourse on Sabbath mornings is very frequently the gathering up of the thoughts and experiences of the week— a handful of barley which I have gleaned among the sheaves; but I could not thrust upon you this morning the poverty-stricken productions of my own insufferable dulness of brain, weariness of heart, and sickness of spirit during this week, for this were a sure method of making you partakers of...

Colossians 3:4

God's Estimate of Time

Apr 27      FROM this text certain persons, more desirous to find arguments for their theories, than a truthful exposition of the apostle’s meaning, have drawn the inference that a day in Scripture is typical of a thousand years: that is to say, that inasmuch as God was six days in creating the heavens and the earth, and then rested on the seventh day, so we must expect to have a...

2 Peter 3:8