The Lord and the Leper

February 12, 1888

The Lord and the Leper   “And there came a leper to him, beseeching him, and kneeling down to him, and saying unto him, If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus, moved with compassion, put forth his hand, and touched him, and saith unto him, I will; be thou clean. And as soon as …


The Double Cleansing

September 18, 1887

The Double Cleansing   “In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness. And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, …


The Clean and the Unclean


The Clean and the Unclean A SermonBy the Rev. C.H. Spurgeon,At The Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington "Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, These are the beasts which ye shall eat among all the beasts that are on the earth. Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that shall ye eat."—Leviticus …