Resources by Communion

To Those Who Feel Unfit for the Communion

BRETHREN, it should be much to our joy that we do not serve under the ceremonial law, nor live within the legal dispensation. The legal economy exhibited to the people a multitude of types and figures, and consequently it laid down many rules and rituals; and these were enacted with such solemn and terrible penalties, that the people were in constant fear of offending, and found obedience irksome by reason...

2 Chronicles 30-17-20

The Lord’s Supper: a Remembrance of Jesus

Aug 19 “THIS do”— that is, take bread, give thanks, break it, and eat it— take the cup, filled with the fruit of the vine, give thanks, and drink ye all of it. “This do.” Take care that you do just what Jesus did; no more, and no less. This act was done at a table where they had been eating the Passover. This act was performed at a common meal, and...

Luke 22:19

Grace for Communion

Jan 2 THE soul of the believer is the garden of the Lord. Within it are rare plants, such as yield “spices” and “pleasant fruits.” Once it was a wilderness, overgrown with thorns and briars; but now it is “a garden enclosed,” an “orchard of pomegranates.”      At times within that garden everything is very still and quiet; indeed, more still than could be wished. Flowers are in bloom, but they seem...

Song of Solomon 4:16