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Confession of Sin Illustrated by the Cases of Dr. Pritchard and Constance Kent

Jul 23 DAVID’S grief for sin was long and terrible. Its effects were visible upon his outward frame; “his bones waxed old;” “his moisture was turned into the drought of summer.” No remedy could he find, until he made a full confession before the throne of the heavenly grace. He tells us, that for a time he kept silence, and then his heart became more and more filled with grief: like some...

Psalm 32:5

Confession with the Mouth

Jul 19 THIS morning, according to promise, I discourse upon the second part of this verse—“With the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” I feel a measure of regret that all my hearers of this morning were not present last Sunday, since you may wrongly imagine that I exaggerate the importance of outward confession, whereas had you been present when we were considering the first sentence, you would have seen that I...

Romans 10:10

Confession of Sin - A Sermon with Seven Texts

Jan 18      My sermon this morning will have seven texts, and yet I pledge myself that there shall be but three different words in the whole of them; for it so happens that the seven texts are all alike, occurring in seven different portions of God's holy Word. I shall require, however, to use the whole of them to exemplify different cases; and I must request those of you who...

Exodus 9:27/Numbers 22:34/1 Samuel 15:24/ Joshua 7:20/Matthew 27:4/ Job 6:20/ Luke 15:18