Resources by Consolation

Free Grace a Motive for Free Giving

Jun 13 THE Thessalonian saints had been much persecuted and afflicted, and they had exhibited great faith, insomuch that Paul says, “We ourselves glory in you in the church of God for your patience and faith.” As if they had not enough trouble coming from the outside, there sprang up in their midst certain hot-headed teachers who declared that the day of Christ was immediately at hand. The coming of the Lord...

2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

Consolation in Christ

Dec 2 The language of man has received a new coinage of words since the time of his perfection in Eden. Adam could scarce have understood the word consolation, for the simple reason that he did not understand in Eden the meaning of the word sorrow. O how has our language been swollen through the floods of our griefs and tribulations! It was not sufficiently wide and wild for man when he was...

Philippians 2:1