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Spurgeon's First Convert (And the One That Got Away)

Jul 18 Who was Charles Spurgeon’s first convert? For over 150 years, that individual has hidden from history. Now, using a triangulation of Spurgeon’s Lost Sermons, his autobiography, and genealogical research, Spurgeon’s first convert (and the one that got away) can finally step into the light.  

The Inner Side of Conversion

Sep 15 THERE are turning-points in most lives. We go on in a straight line for a certain distance, but suddenly we come to a place where we must make a choice of roads. All the rest of our journey may depend upon what we do at those particular points. Character often hinges on a day’s resolve. Every now and then we meet with a man who has seemed hopeful enough till...

Jeremiah 31:18-20

Conversions Encouraged

Mar 12 LAST Sabbath-day the title of my discourse was “Conversions desired,” and my earnest prayer to God has been that the effect of this morning’s sermon may be conversions accomplished. I cannot be happy unless I indulge the hope that some will this morning turn unto God with full purpose of heart, led to do so by the power of divine grace. For this I sought the Lord, and at this...

Deuteronomy 6:29-31

Conversions Desired

Mar 5 THE brethren who had dwelt together in church fellowship at Jerusalem were scattered abroad by persecution which arose about Stephen. Their Master had told them that when they were persecuted in one city were to flee to another. They obeyed his command, and in the course of escape from persecution they took very long journeys— very long journeys indeed for that age of the world, when locomotion was exceedingly difficult:...

Acts 11:21

Is Conversion Necessary?

Jul 19 A FEW days ago I was preaching in Lancashire upon the putting away of sin by our Lord Jesus, and the consequent peace of conscience enjoyed by the believer. In the course of the sermon I related my own conversion, with the view of showing that the simple act of looking to Jesus brought peace to the soul. Now, the diocese of Manchester is presided over by a bishop who...

2 Corinthians 5:17

An Old-Fashioned Conversion

Mar 16 SOME people are wonderfully enamoured of anything that is old. An old coin, an old picture, an old hook, or even a piece of antique rubbish, they will almost worship. The jingle of a rusty medal is music to them, and “auld nick-nackets” are as precious as diamonds. It is wonderful what a little mouldiness and a few worm-holes will do in the way of increasing values. I confess I...

Job 33:29,30

The Triumph of Christianity

Apr 21 SOME have thought that this psalm was used as a soliloquy by our Lord when he was expiring upon the cross. It may be so. Fitter words could scarcely have been conceived, even by our Lord himself. We must not, however, strain a point to establish a conjecture, nor attempt to prove that which is not revealed to us. We have no sort of hesitation, however, in asserting that this...

Psalm 22:27

Mercy's Master Motive

Mar 17      The people of Israel in all their generations were full of evil. Those who came out of Egypt were a rebellious people, and for forty years multiplied their provocations of the Lord in the wilderness, till at last they all found a grave in the desert. The generation following were stiff-necked and rebellious like their fathers, and they continually went astray after false gods. Though by the good...

Isaiah 48:9-11

To Those Who are "Almost Persuaded"

May 16 NOTWITHSTANDING his bonds, Paul is to be envied that he had an opportunity of addressing himself to kings and rulers, and that once at least in his life he stood before the great master of the Roman world, the Emperor himself. To reach the ignorant who sit on thrones is no mean feat for benevolence. Alas! the gospel seldom climbs the high places of rank and dignity. It is a...

Acts 26:28

Lessons from Lydia's Conversion

Dec 13 PHILIPPI is famous in classic story as the spot where the world's future trembled in the balance when Octavius met Brutus and Cassius in terrible conflict. The two republican generals here ended their stormy career, and universal empire crouched at the feet of Caesar. As long as time endures,or human slaughter is thought worthy of a record, Philippi will be remembered as one of the greatest names in martial history....

Acts 16:13-14