Resources by Converts

Ruth's Reward; or, Cheer for Converts

Jun 29 THIS was the language of Boaz, a man of substance and of note in Bethlehem, to a poor stranger of whom he had heard that she had left her kindred, and the idols of her nation, that she might become a worshipper of the living and true God. He acted a noble part when he cheered her, and bade her be of good courage, now that she was casting in...

Ruth 2:12

Additions to the Church

Apr 5 WE are just coming to the most beautiful season of the year — the spring, when everything around us is shaking off the chill graveclothes of winter, and putting on the beautiful array of a new life. The church of God was in that condition at Pentecost, her winter was past, and the flowers appeared on the earth. She enjoyed the spring breezes, for the breath of the Holy Spirit...

Acts 2:47

To Sabbath-School Teachers and Other Soul-Winners

Oct 19 JAMES is pre-eminently practical. If he were, indeed, the James who was called “The Just,” I can understand how he earned the title, for that distinguishing trait in his character shows itself in his epistle; and if he were “the Lord’s brother,” he did well to show so close a resemblance to his great relative and Master, who commenced his ministry with the practical Sermon on the Mount. We ought...

James 5:19, 20