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The Heart Full and the Mouth Closed

A VERY extraordinary chapter this sixteenth of Ezekiel! A minister could scarcely read it in public: he certainly would not like to explain its metaphors to a general audience, nor are we called upon to do so. To read it in private is another thing, and to have it read for you by the Holy Spirit, and to be made to see, and to feel its meaning, not merely as...

Ezekiel 16:62,63

The Covenant Pleaded

HE will succeed in prayer who understands the science of pleading with God. “Put me in remembrance: let us plead together,” is a divine command. “Come now, let us reason together” is a sacred invitation. “Bring forth your strong reasons, saith the Lord,” is a condescending direction as to the way of becoming victorious in supplication. Pleading is wrestling: arguments are the grips, the feints, the throes, the struggles with...

Psalm 74:20

The Bond of the Covenant

Ezekiel 20:34-38

The General Convocation Around Mount Zion

Nov 5 THE whole passage will be considered, but our special central text will be verse 23: “To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven.”      Paul is displaying the superiority of the new covenant to the old. He tells us what Israel after the flesh came to at their best in the morning hours of the law, and what the firstborn after the Spirit have...

Hebrews 12:22-24

The Ark of the Covenant

Sep 25 THIS text speaks concerning the material ark. I should like to append to that another, which speaks of the ark spiritually, and tells us where its antitype is to be found.      “And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament (or covenant).” — Revelation xi. 19.      When inward piety is low the externals of religion are...

Jeremiah 3:16

The Blood of the Covenant

Aug 2 WHAT we ask others to do we should be prepared to do ourselves. Precept fails unless it be followed up by example. The apostle had exhorted the Hebrew believers to pray for him in the words, “Pray for us;” and then, as if to show that he did not ask of them what he was not himself willing to give, he utters this most wonderful prayer for them. He may...

Hebrews 8:20-21

Consecration to God - Illustrated by Abraham’s Circumcision

Dec 13 WE commenced our exposition of the life of Abram with his calling, when he was brought out of Ur of the Chaldees, and separated unto the Lord in Canaan. We then passed on to his justification, when he believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness; and now you will bear with us if we continue the same subject to a further stage, and attempt to describe the...

Genesis 17:1, 2

The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant

Oct 2      All God’s dealings with men have had a covenant character. It hath so pleased Him to arrange it, that he will not deal with us except through a covenant, nor can we deal with Him except in the same manner. Adam in the garden was under a covenant with God and God was in covenant with Him. That covenant he speedily brake. There is a covenant still existing...

Hebrews 13:20