Resources by David

Loyal to the Core

Although the courage of David appears to have failed him when he fled from his son Absalom, yet certain other noble characteristics came out in brilliant relief, and among the rest, his large-heartedness and his thoughtfulness for others. A man in such a desperate condition as he was must have earnestly coveted many friends and have been anxious to retain them all, but yet he would not exact their services...

2 Samuel 15:21

The Empty Place: A Christmas Day Sermon

THERE may be much to learn from an empty place. The world thinks much of the places which have been emptied through the home-going of its celebrated men. Those who have served the world are remembered by it; those who have served the Church are remembered, too; and empty chairs in the world, in the Church, and in the family, awaken a great many recollections.

1 Samuel 20:25

The Use of the Bow

THE translators have acted very properly in inserting the words, “the use of,” for that is what the passage means; but if you read it without those words the sense is still the same,— “he bade them teach the children of Judah the bow,” that is to say, how to use the bow.      In modern times, critics have said that by the expression “the bow” is meant the song...

2 Samuel 1:17-18

God's Pupil, God's Preacher: An Autobiography

Jul 28 You notice how much David is at home with God. He talks about him; he does better, he talks to him. He hears God speaking to him, and he keeps up a dialogue with God. Whence came this holy familiarity? It sprang from long acquaintance; David as a boy had known God. He knew him when he was old and grey-headed; and, you know, old friends use language to one...

Psalm 71:17

David’s Spoil

Apr 12 WE have aforetime gathered spoil for ourselves out of David’s behaviour in the hour of his sorrow at Ziklag, and we will now turn to the other side of this leaf in his history, and receive instruction from the time of his victory. But we must not do this till we have refreshed our memories with the story of his conduct under distress. When he came to the city he...

1 Samuel 30:20

The Threshing-Floor of Ornan

Nov 9 DAVID was for many years searching for a site for the great temple which he purposed to build for Jehovah his God. It had been ordained that the sacrifices offered to the one God should be offered by all Israel upon one altar; but as yet the ark of the Lord was within curtains, near to David’s palace, and the altar of burnt offering was situated at Gibeon. Where should...

1 Chronicles 21:28

The Lion and the Bear; Trophies Hung Up

Sep 25 DAVID had lived with God. Throughout many a solitary day he had kept his father’s flock among the lone hills of Judah, and had worshipped the Unseen but Ever-present Lord. He had grown into an adoring familiarity with the Most High, so that to him the name of the one only living and true God was a deep and solemn joy. As you may have spied far up among the...

1 Samuel 17:36-37

Recruits for King Jesus

Feb 17 AT this time David was in the hold— I suppose in the stronghold of Ziklag, which the king of the Philistines had given to him. It was in that fortress-town that he received a welcome addition to his band. David was an exile; and it is not every man who cares to cast in his lot with a banished nobleman. He was outlawed, and his sovereign would have slain him...

1 Chronicles 12:16-18

The Swiftly Running Word

Jul 3 A WORD is the expression of the mind. What a man has thought may live and die within himself, but when he wishes his thought to live in the outer world he embodies it in a word, and thus his thought is made known. Thought without expression is as an arm unlifted, working nothing though it be the mainspring of action; but according to the ability of the man his...

Psalm 147:15

Ziklag; or, David Encouraging Himself in God

Jun 26 WE ought to be deeply grateful to God for the inspired history of the life of his servant David. It was a great life, a vigorous life, a life spent in many positions and conditions. I almost rejoice that it was not a faultless life, for its failings and errors are instructive. It is the life of a man after God’s own heart; but still, the life of one who...

1 Samuel 30:6-8