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Delight in the Almighty

May 3 THE Lord said to Eliphaz and his friends, “Ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath”; and therefore we must always regard what they said with careful discrimination. They were wise men according to their light, but they were quite at sea in their judgment of Job. However, in this particular verse Eliphaz declared that which is taught in many other parts...

Job 22:26

A Song Among the Lillies

Aug 30 LAST Sabbath, in our morning’s sermon, we began at the beginning and described the turning point in which the sinner sets his face towards his God, and for the first time gives practical evidence of spiritual life in his soul. He bestirs himself, he goes to his Father’s house, and speedily is pressed to his Father’s bosom, forgiven, accepted, and rejoiced over. This morning we are going far beyond that...

Song of Solomon 2:16

Sunshine in the Heart

Jun 15       THERE are two teachings in our text which must be very surprising to those who are strangers to vital godliness; to sincere believers these marvels are recognised facts, but to the outside world they will appear passing strange. We have here, first of all, the life of a believer described as a delight in God; and thus we are certified of the great truth that true religion...

Psalm 37:4