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Songs of Deliverance

Jul 28 DEBORAH sang concerning the overthrow of Israel’s enemies, and the deliverance vouchsafed to the tribes: we have a far richer theme for music; we have been delivered from worse enemies, and saved by a greater salvation. Let our gratitude be deeper; let our song be more jubilant. Glory be unto God, we can say that our sins, which were like mighty hosts, have been swept away, not by that ancient...

Judges 5:11

The Arrows of the Lord's Deliverance

Mar 22      THAT death-bed scene speaks volumes for the power of holiness. Elisha was the prophet of God; a man of no honourable station, except that he is always honourable whom God calls to serve him; Joash the king of Israel — who has often rejected Elisha’s admonitions, and continued to worship in the groves of Baal, though Elisha had denounced them, and had proclaimed that Jehovah alone was their...

2 King 13:19

Israel in Egypt

Jun 14      At the outset, let us remark the carefulness of the Holy Spirit in guarding the honor of our blessed Lord. This verse is often quoted as if it runs thus—"They sang the song of Moses and the Lamb." This mistake has led many weak minds to wonder at the expression, for they have imagined that it divided the honor of the song of heaven between Moses and the...

Revelation 15:3