Desires towards God: a Sermon for the Weak

January 1, 1970

Desires towards God: a Sermon for the Weak    “Lord, all my desire is before thee; and my groaning is not hid from thee.”— Psalm xxxviii. 9   IT is our earnest, desire that all who are in Christ may be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. I could earnestly wish to see such …


Grappling Irons

May 4, 1884

Grappling Irons   “Quicken me after thy lovingkindness; so shall I keep the testimony of thy mouth.” Psalm cxix. 88.     WHEN David wrote this part of the psalm he was evidently beset by many enemies who sought to destroy him, and it is exceedingly important to note what part of himself he guarded with the most care. Which …


Those Who Desire

April 11, 1880

Those Who Desire   “O Lord, I beseech thee, let now thine ear be attentive to the prayer of thy servant, and to the prayer of thy servants, who desire to fear thy name.” — Nehemiah i. 11.   NEHEMIAH was earnest in his prayer for the good of his sorrow-stricken nation, but he did not make the mistake …