Resources by Disciples

How to Become Fishers of Men

WHEN Christ calls us by his grace we ought not only to remember what we are, but we ought also to think of what he can make us. It is, “Follow me, and I will make you.” We should repent of what we have been, but rejoice in what we may be. It is not “Follow me, because of what you are already.” It is not “Follow me, because you...

Matthew 4:19

Certain Curious Calculations about Loaves and Fishes

Oct 30 THE disciples had come on board the vessel, and had forgotten to bring bread with them: good men’s memories sometimes fail them. For that reason they were greatly disturbed in mind, and they supposed that Jesus was disquieted also, and that he had shaped his speech so as to give them an indirect rebuke when he mentioned the leaven of the Pharisees. How little they understood his mind, though they...

Mark 8:19-21

The First Five Disciples

May 15      IF it be true that “Order is heaven’s first law,” I think it must be equally true that variety is the second law of heaven. The line of beauty is not a straight line, but always the curve. The way of God’s procedure is not uniform, but diversified. You see this with a glance, when you look at the creation around us. God has not made all creatures...

John 1:37-51