Resources by Disobedience

A Sermon to Open Neglectors and Nominal Followers of Religion

Mar 24 THE sight of this vast arena, and of this crowded assembly, reminds me of other spectacles which, in days happily long past, were seen in the amphitheatres of the old Roman Empire. Around, tier upon tier, were the assembled multitudes, with their cruel eyes and iron hearts; and in the centre stood a solitary, friendless man, waiting till the doors of the lion’s den should be uplifted, that he might...

Matthew 21:28-32

Heedlessness in Religion

Apr 15 JEHU was raised up by God to be a great reformer in the kingdom of Israel. No sooner aid he receive his commission than he was at his work with a daring and a perseverance never excelled. He was commanded to cut off the whole house of Ahab, and the task was a very congenial one: he slew right and left, and spared none. Unlike Saul with the Amalekites, who...

2 Kings 10:31