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High Doctrine and Broad Doctrine

THESE two sentences have been looked upon as representing two sides of Christian doctrine. They enable us to see it from two stand-points — the Godward and the manward. The first sentence contains what some call high doctrine. If by “high” they mean “glorious towards God,” I fully agree with them; for it is a grand, God-honouring truth which our Lord Jesus declares in these words, — “All that the...

John 6:37

High Doctrine

Jun 3      I would have you look on this text as being a summary of all the things which we have preached to you these years. It has been my endeavour, constantly and continually, to maintain that salvation is of God's good will, and not of man's free will; that man is nothing, and that Jesus Christ is both Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the...

2 Corinthians 5:18

Effects of Sound Doctrine

Apr 22      I AM not about to enter upon any argument in proof of the doctrine of election tonight. That I have done at other times, and am prepared to do so yet again. I purpose rather to speak of some of the practical effects which result from this article of the believer’s faith. We cannot however pass over the text, without observing that it is very certain there is...

Matthew 24:24