Resources by Encouragement

The Orphan's Father

THE Lord God of Israel, the one only living and true God, has this for a special mark of his character, that in him the fatherless findeth mercy. “A Father of the fatherless, and a Judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.” False gods of the heathen are usually notable for their supposed power or cunning, or even for their wickedness, falsehood, lustfulness, and cruelty; but our...

Hosea 14:3

Pleading and Encouragement

Ezekiel 18:23-32

Hearken and Look; or, Encouragement for Believers

Apr 27 THE second verse contains my actual text. It is the argument by which faith is led to look for the blessings promised in the third verse.     It is habitual with some persons to spy out the dark side of every question or fact: they fix their eyes upon the "waste places," and they study them till they know every ruin, and are familiar with the dragons and the owls. They...

Isaiah 51:2-3

Cheer Up, My Comrades!

Jan 1 Josiah, as you remember, in the early part of his reign set his face against the idolatries that prevailed, to root them out of the land. He then bent his thoughts upon repairing and beautifying the temple. After that it was his heart's aim to restore the sacred services, to observe the solemn feasts, and to revive the worship of God after the due order, according to the words of...

2 Chronicles 35:2

Encouragement to Trust and Pray

Jun 16 THE great sin of man is his alienation from God. He hath said in his heart, “No God,” and in his life he laboureth to escape from the divine presence. The journey into the far country is not only made for the sake of the riotous living, but that he may get away from the Father’s house. One would have thought man would turn unto the Lord in the day...

Isaiah 30:19

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

Jan 20 WE may well feel glad that God’s people, whose lives are recorded in the Old and New Testaments, were men of like passions with ourselves. I have known many a poor sinner pluck up hope as he has observed the sins and struggles of those who were saved by grace, and I have known many of the heirs of heaven find consolation as they have observed how imperfect beings like...

John 14:1

Let Us Go Forth

Jun 26 MODERN professors have discovered a very easy way of religion. There is a method by which a man may attain to great reputation as a Christian, and yet avoid all the trials of the believer's estate. He may go through the world finding his path as smoothly turfed as the flesh could desire. Blessed with the smiles of friendly formalists, and with the admiration of the ungodly, he may pass...

Hebrews 13:13

Ben-Hadad's Escape- An Encouragement for Sinners

Oct 11      Although the manners and customs of warfare were exceedingly rough and cruel in those primitive ages, yet it appears that the kings of Israel gained a name for being merciful. I do not find recorded in Scripture any particularly merciful acts of theirs, and I should conclude that the kings of other countries must have been very ferocious, if the kings of Israel were at all merciful. Ancient...

1 Kings 20:31-34