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The Water of Life

You will remember that our Saviour had been speaking to the woman of Samaria concerning living water. He had endeavoured to catch her attention by using a metaphor to her work and her position. Water was uppermost in her thoughts, and Jesus sanctified the element to his own gracious end. Sitting at the well’s mouth, I think I can see his earnest face, and note the woman’s wondering eyes while...

John 4:15

Life's Ever-Springing Well

Apr 4 You have been busy all the week with external things. You have had to deal with the questions, “What shall we eat, and what shall we drink, and wherewithal shall we be clothed?” It is well that at least on this one day in seven we should turn our eyes away from the external to the internal; from the less to the greater; for as the life is more than...

John 4:14

The Mysteries of the Brazen Serpent

Sep 27      We are told by wise men that all languages are based upon figures, that the speech of men who are uncivilized is mainly composed of figures; and that indeed the language of the most civilized, when cleaved so as to bring it to its natural foundation, is based upon a set of metaphors perceived by the mind, and then used in language. This much I know, that when...

John 3:14