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Faith versus Sight

I THINK the apostle is here explaining how it was he could say, that whilst lie was at home in the body, he was absent from the Lord; and through what means he felt that this was not the state in which he wished ever to be. Having been possessed, and actuated, and moved by the principle of faith, he was not content to tabernacle in a body which could...

2 Corinthians 5:7

Faith and Its Attendant Privileges

ACCORDING to this text, the principal matter in our salvation is faith. Faith is described as “receiving” Jesus. It is the empty cup placed under the flowing stream; the penniless hand held out for heavenly alms. It is also described in the text as “believing on his name.” And this reception, this believing, is the main thing in real godliness. Faith is the simplest thing conceivable. When we hear people...

John 1:11-13

The Vital Force

SEE here the germ of the Christian’s life! See, too, how it blooms, blossoms, and bears! But observe it is not said the just shall live for his faith, or because of the merit of his believing in God. This were to place the Christian virtually under the old covenant of law. To confound faith with works, would be indeed to bring us back to the old bondage of the...

Hebrews 10:38

The Life, Walk, and Triumph of Faith

BELOVED, all Scripture is the word of God, but some Scripture is expressly so. Much of its teaching comes through inspired men, but some of it was spoken by God's own mouth, directly and without instrumentality: such are the words now before us which were of old spoken into Abram’s ear by the Almighty God. These sentences ought for this reason to be regarded with peculiar reverence, and considered with...

Genesis 17:1-2

Faith, and the Witness Upon Which It is Founded

 You observe that I have somewhat corrected the translation. The same word is employed in every case in the original, but for the sake of variety of expression the translators have used four different words in our version; and so, instead of improving the sense, which, indeed, never can be in the case of the Holy Spirit’s writing, they have rather darkened the meaning. Put the word “witness” or “testimony”...

1 John 5:9,10

The Hiding of Moses by Faith

As I observed to you in the exposition, the stress in these passages of sacred biography should be laid upon the words “by faith.” The mighty deeds of heroes and the obedient acts of pilgrim fathers are only told to us because they spring out of faith. It is to commend the root that the fruits are mentioned. The children are named one by one that the mother may have...

Hebrews 11:23

A Plain Answer to an Important Enquiry

NOTICE the connection, or you will miss the meaning of the words; for at first sight it looks as if our Saviour taught us that it is the work of God for us to believe on him. Now, that would be quite true; and it is very plainly taught in other parts of Scripture that faith is the work of God; but that is not the teaching in this particular...

John 6:29

Faith Among Mockers

DAVID experienced what Paul afterwards so aptly described as “cruel mockings.” Note the adjective cruel: it is well chosen. Mockings may not cut the flesh, but they tear the heart; they may shed no blood, but they cause the mind to bleed internally. Fetters gall the wrists, but the iron of scorn entereth into the soul. Ridicule is a poisoned bullet which goes deeper than the flesh, and strikes the...

Psalm 22:8

Faith Precious: Spurgeon's Lost Sermon #23

Jul 6 In 1857, Spurgeon—the most popular preacher in the Victorian world—promised his readers that he would publish his earliest sermons. For almost 160 years, these sermons were lost to history. Spurgeon preached the sermon, "Faith Precious," on August 10, 1851. He was only sixteen years old.

The Obedience of Faith

Aug 21 THE part of the text to which I shall call your attention lies in these words, “By faith Abraham obeyed.” Obedience— what a blessing it would be if we were all trained to it by the Holy Spirit! How fully should we be restored if we were perfect in it! If all the world would obey the Lord, what a heaven on earth there would be! Perfect obedience to God...

Hebrews 9:8