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Mealtime in the Cornfields

Aug 2 IF we lived in the country, it would not be necessary for me to remind you that the time of harvest has again happily come upon us. I saw, one day last week, a fine sample of the new wheat, part of a considerable quantity which had just been sold; and in many places I have observed the fields yielding their sheaves to the reapers' sickle. Loud let us lift...

Ruth 2:14

Strong Meat

Apr 19      IN most large houses we shall find humanity in all its stages. We shall see the infant, in its cradle; children laughing in their play, young men working with vigour, and the old man resting in peace. In such a mansion, if a careful Martha be in charge, provision will be made for all the different ages. There will be milk provided for the babes, and the larder...

Hebrews 5:14

The Feast of the Lord

Nov 28    I had exhausted my time this morning by describing the feast of Satan—how at the four tables, whereat did sit the profligate, the self-righteous, the worldly, and the secretly sinful, the course of Satan, was always on this wise, —first, the good wine, and when men had well drunken, that which was worse. His feast diminished in its value as it proceeded, and went from the bright crackling of...

John 2:9-10