Resources by Friend

The Friends of Jesus

Aug 8 OUR Lord Jesus Christ is beyond all comparison the best of friends: a friend in need, a friend indeed. “Friend!” said Socrates, “there is no friend!” but Socrates did not know our Lord Jesus, or he would have added, “except the Saviour.” In the heart of our Lord Jesus there bums such friendship towards us that all other forms of it are as dim candles to the sun. “Greater love...

John 15:14

The Unrivaled Friend

Nov 7 THERE is one thing about the usefulness of which all men are agreed, namely, friendship; but most men are soon aware that counterfeits of friendship are common as autumn leaves. Few men enjoy from others the highest and truest form of friendship. The friendships of this world are hollow, they are as unsubstantial as a dream, as soon dissipated as a bubble, as light as thistledown. Those airy compliments, those...

Proverbs 17:17

A Faithful Friend

Mar 8      Cicero has well said, "Friendship is the only thing in the world concerning the usefulness of which all mankind are agreed." Friendship seems as necessary an element of a comfortable existence in this world as fire or water, or even air itself. A man may drag along a miserable existence in proud solitary dignity, but his life is scarce life, it is nothing but an existence, the tree...

Proverbs 18:24