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Genesis 22:14

Number One Thousand; Or, "Bread Enough and To Spare"

Jul 16      “He came to himself." The word may be applied to one waking out of a deep swoon. He had been unconscious of his true condition, and he had lost all power to deliver himself from it; but now he was coming round again, returning to consciousness and action. The voice which shall awaken the dead aroused him; the visions of his sinful trance all disappeared; his foul but...

Luke 15:17

The Former and the Latter Rain

Jul 11 SUCH are the climate and soil of Palestine, that all agricultural operations are most manifestly dependent upon the periodical rainfall. Hence the people speak of the weather and the crops with a more immediate reference to God than is usual with us. It is said that the common expressions of the peasantry are such as quite strike travellers with their apparently devout recognition of the Almighty agency. Certainly we may...

Jeremiah 5:24

A Song at the Well-Head

Oct 9 WE have remarked in our reading that the children of Israel were continually changing their places, and that there was usually a great difference between one station and the next. So, also, we are constantly varying in our experience, and the variations are sometimes exceedingly remarkable.      You observe, in the neighbourhood of the text, that the people pitched their tents at one time by the brooks of Amon. There...

Numbers 21:16-18

A Sermon for Gleaners

Aug 10      ALL the world dependeth upon the labour of the field, and the king himself is served of the plough and of the sickle. The dwellers in the country who Watch the up-springing blade through all its perils, who mark the ear as it bursts from its sheath, and who anxiously observe it until it hangeth downward through ripenesss, and becometh yellow in the sun— these, being brought constantly...

Ruth 2:15, 16

The Two Draughts of Fishes

Apr 6       THE whole life of Christ was a sermon. He was a prophet mighty in word and deed; and by his deeds as well as his words he taught the people. It is perfectly true that the miracles of Christ attest his mission. To those who saw them they must have been evident proof that he was sent of God. But we ought not to overlook that probably...

Luke 5:4; John 21:6