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A Generous Proposal

THESE ancient words, so simple, yet so sweet, fascinate us with a potent hallowed charm. They ring out their melody like a familiar air; the language of a heart instinct with kindness, inspired with faith, and inspirited with the enthusiasm of a hope so much divine, that the lapse of ages impairs not their force, or diminishes aught from their natural spontaneous freshness. This story of Hobab one can hardly...

Numbers 10:29

Two Good Things

Jun 17 THERE is an old proverb which says, “When a man is forty he is either a fool or a physician”; that is to say, he either does not know anything, or else he begins to know what is good for him. Some of us who are beyond that age think that we know in some measure what is good for us. We are not inclined to be very positive as...

Psalm 119:71

Good News for You

Oct 5      THE good Samaritan is a masterly picture of true benevolence. The Samaritan had no kinship with the Jew, he was purely of foreign origin, yet he pities his poor neighbour. The Jews cursed the Cuthites, and would have no dealings with them, for they were intruders in their land. There was nothing therefore, in the object of the Samaritan’s pity that could excite his national sympathies, but everything...

Luke 10:33