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Grace - The One Way of Salvation

You who are conversant with Scripture, will recollect that these are the words of the apostle Peter. Paul and Barnabas had been preaching the gospel among the Gentiles with great success, but “certain of the sect of the Pharisees which believed,” could not get rid of their old Jewish bigotry, and vehemently urged that the converted Gentiles ought to be circumcised, or else they could not be saved. They made...

Acts 15:11

The Oil and the Vessels

So long as there were vessels to be filled the miraculous flow of the oil continued, and it only ceased when there were no more jars to contain it. The prophet spoke no word to stay the multiplying process, and the Lord did not set any bound to the bountiful marvel; the poor widow was not straitened in God, but in her supply of empty vessels. Nothing else in the...

2 Kings 4:6

Grace Reviving Israel

     In reading this passage, does it ever fail to charm you? How full of beauty, and how full of poetry it is! Every word is a figure. Fair flowers that adorn, and corn that enricheth the fields; the olive tree, and the vine; the scent of the wine of Lebanon, and all rich things are here gathered and clustered together, to set forth the beauty of Israel under the...

Hosea 14:5-7

The Upper Hand

WHAT a golden sentence! But does it not begin with a hard word? A sad and sorrowful note is sounded in that word “sin.” ’Twas sin that blighted Eden and drove our first parents forth to toil in weariness outside its peaceful bowers. ’Twas sin that polluted all our blood, and left the leprosy still in our veins, as a legacy of ill to the latest generation. ’Tis sin that...

Romans 6:14

The Pastor's Parting Blessing

Jan 14      The Christian is a man of generous actions, but his wishes go far beyond his deeds. Where he cannot be beneficent he is benevolent. If he cannot actually accomplish good for all, yet he anxiously desires it. If it be not in his power to confer grace upon any, yet he prays that God would give his grace to all the brotherhood. His heart entertains thousands, though his...

Romans 16:24

Dagon's Ups and Downs

Oct 29 THE ark of the Lord was captured by the Philistines though it was guarded by all the men of arms that Israel could muster for the battle. It came to no hurt when it was surrounded by unarmed priests: although the times were exceedingly disturbed and perilous all through the dreary period of the Judges, yet never was the ark a captive till it was protected by the carnal weapon....

1 Samuel 5:2-4

13 Spurgeon Quotes for Fighting Sin and Shame

Sep 12 Charles Spurgeon’s ministry was marked by physical and mental wounds. But there was a deeper grief – a sharper barb – that stung the preacher and his people: sin and shame.

The Exceeding Riches of Grace

Jun 18 FROM this verse it is clear that Paul fully expected the gospel of the grace of God to be preached in the ages to come. He had no notion of a temporary gospel to develop into a better, but he was assured that the same gospel would be preached to the end of the dispensation. Nor this alone; for as I take it, he looked to the perpetuity of the...

Ephesians 2:7