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7 Reasons Spurgeon Longed for Heaven

Jul 13 For Spurgeon, the afterlife was not an afterthought. Heaven always occupied his mind.  Here are seven reasons Spurgeon longed for heaven, and why you can long for heaven, too.

Earth's Vanities, and Heaven's Verities

Nov 7 THESE are solemn words. Sometimes we have a more joyful theme than this; but I believe that, spiritually, as well as naturally, it is better to go to the house of mourning than to the house of feasting. A meditation of a quiet kind, on things not as they are in fiction, but as they prove to be in fact, is always salutary. There is a great mass of sorrow...

Psalm 39:6-8

The Master-Key, Opening the Gate of Heaven

May 23 THE possession of a God, or the non-possession of a God, makes the greatest possible difference between man and man. Esau is a princely being, but he is “a profane person.” Jacob is a weak, fallible, frail creature, but he has a God. Have you not heard of “the mighty God of Jacob”? There are many wise, careful, prudent men of the world who have no God; and truly these...

Genesis 32:12

Heaven Below

Sep 21 LET us think of this felicity, that we may be comforted in the prospect of it. All this is already enjoyed by tens of thousands of the redeemed. Some of those who were very dear to us on earth, whose faith we desire to follow, are now for ever with the Lord, and this is their joyful portion — “They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall...

Revelation 7:16-17

Why the Heavenly Robes are White

Sep 24 OUR curiosity enquires into the condition of those who have newly entered heaven. Like fresh stars they have lit up the celestial firmament with an added splendour. New voices are heard in the orchestra of the redeemed. In what condition are they at the moment of their admission to the heavenly seats? Their bodies are left behind, we know, to moulder back to mother earth, but how fare their unclothed...

Revelation 7:14

A Door Opened in Heaven

Aug 22 How highly favoured was the apostle John! While his Master was on earth he was the favoured disciple, permitted to lean his head upon his bosom, as a token of the most familiar and loving intercourse. After our Lord had ascended, he had the same heart towards John, and, finding him alone amidst the wild rocks of Patmos, he visited him on the Lord’s-day, and revealed himself to him in...

Revelation 4:1

The Heaven of Heaven

Aug 9 THE Italians so much admire the city of Naples, that their proverb is. “See Naples and die;” as if there remained nothing more to be seen after that fair bay and city had been gazed upon. To behold the far fairer sight mentioned in the text men might well be content to die a thousand times. If it shall please God that we shall depart this life before the Master’s...

Revelation 22:4

No Tears in Heaven

Aug 6 IT is an ill thing to be always mourning, sighing, and complaining concerning the present. However dark it may be, we may surely recal some fond remembrances of the past. There were days of brightness, there were seasons of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Be not slow to confess, O believing soul, that the Lord has been thy help! and though now thy burden be very heavy, thou...

Revelation 7:17

Broad Rivers and Streams

Jan 18 THIS prophecy was uttered when the city of Jerusalem was reduced to the direst extremity. The Assyrian hosts threatened the city with utter destruction. Rabshakah, a fitting herald for his tyrannical master, had advanced to invest the walls while Sennacherib tarried at Lachish. False to all treaties, the heavy sum paid down by Hezekiah could not ensure the promised mercy from the ferocious despot. The treasuries of the city were...

Isaiah 33:20-23


Dec 16  How very frequently verses of Scripture are misquoted! Instead of turning to the Bible, to see how it is written, and saying, "How readest thou?" we quote from one another; and thus a passage of Scripture is handed down misquoted, by a king of tradition, from father to son, and passes as current among a great number of Christian persons. How very frequently at our prayer meetings do we hear...

1 Corinthians 2:9-10