Resources by Hypocrites

A Sermon from a Rush

Sep 24 ISAAC walked in the fields at eventide to meditate. I commend him for his occupation. Meditation is exceedingly profitable to the mind. If we talked less, read less, and meditated more, we should be wiser men. I commend him for the season which he chose for that occupation — at eventide. When the business of the day was over, and the general stillness of nature was in harmony with the...

Job 8:11-13

Nominal Christians—Real Infidels

Feb 1 As we meet this evening to commune at the table of the Lord, it will then be necessary for me to seek the edification of God's people. I therefore think it best to occupy our time this morning with an exhortation to those that are out of the way. May the Holy Spirit make our words like arrows from the bow of a mighty man; may he graciously direct them...

John 8:46