Resources by Invitation

The Preacher's Last Sermon for the Season

Nov 29 THE officers were after our Lord, and he knew it. He could spy them out in the crowd, but he was not therefore in the least afraid, or disconcerted. He reminds me of that minister who, when he was about to preach, was stopped by a soldier, who held a pistol at his head, and threatened that if he spake he would kill him. “Soldier,” said he, “Do your duty;...

John 7:37

Welcome! Welcome!

Oct 16 MY subject has been suggested to me by the rendering of this passage given in the Revised Version, where we read: “But the multitudes perceiving it, followed him; and he welcomed them.” The difference lies, you see, between the words “he received them” and “he welcomed them.” The new version is an instructive improvement, of which we will at once make evangelical use.      The multitude perceived that Jesus was...

Luke 9:11

The Double "Come"

Jul 10 WE have open before us the last page of the word of God. The Spirit of God will not dictate a single fresh line of truth. We have come to the last chapter, and very soon we shall reach the Amen. We are also, according to divine revelation, approaching the last page of human history. So short a time will elapse before the present economy shall conclude that the angel...

Revelation 22:17