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Joseph of Arimathaea

Mark 15:43-46

A Miniature Portrait of Joseph

Jul 24 SCRIPTURE frequently sums up a man’s life in a single sentence. Here is the biography of Joseph sketched by inspiration:— “God was with him,” so Stephen testified in his famous speech recorded in Acts vii. 9. Here is the life-story of Abraham: “Abraham believed God.” Of Moses we read, “The man Moses was very meek.” Take a New Testament life, such as that of John the Baptist, and you have...

Genesis 39:2

Joseph's Bones

Dec 18 WE cannot readily tell which action in a gracious life God may set the most store by. The Holy Spirit in this chapter selects out of good men’s lives the most brilliant instances of their faith. I should hardly have expected that he would have mentioned the dying scene of Joseph’s life as the most illustrious proof of his faith in God. That eventful life — perhaps the most interesting...

Hebrews 11:22

Joseph and His Brethren

May 11      JOSEPH is a very eminent type of Christ. When he was hated of his brethren because he protested against their sins, and when they sold him for twenty pieces of silver, he was doubtlessly a portrait of the despised and rejected of men whom his disciple betrayed. Afterwards in his temptations in the house of Potiphar, in the slander and consequent imprisonment in the round house of Pharaoh’s...

Genesis 45:3-5

Joseph Attacked by the Archers

Apr 1 It must have been a fine sight to see the hoary-headed Jacob sitting up in his bed whilst he bestowed his parting benediction upon his twelve sons. He had been noble in many instances during his life—at the sleeping place of Bethel, the brook of Jabbok, and the halting of Peniel. He had been a glorious old man; one before whom we might bow down with reverence, and truly say,...

Genesis 49:23,24